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Central AC for Residential Houses

Air conditioner (AC) machines have become mandatory devices in the homes of middle and upper-middle-class people in urban areas because the temperature of the city is increasingly stinging. Initially, for the house, we know the term AC window which is installed by breaking the wall to attach the AC machine. This type of air conditioner is relatively noisy because the compressor or refrigerant (gas) and air conditioner are integrated into one unit. Then (until now) the model changes with a split AC (separate) that separates the compressor outside as an outdoor unit with an air blower or a wall mounted split inside (indoor unit). So, the walls of the building only need to be broken into a little as a pipeline from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Because it is according to the aircon service, split AC can operate in a smooth voice and the appearance can be made more stylish according to the interior design of the house.


Unlike commercial buildings such as office buildings that use a central air-conditioning system (one compressor and large refrigerant to cool all spaces), in homes or shop houses people commonly use split air conditioners with a single compressor system for a wall mounted split inside. So, if the house uses three air conditioners, then on the outside wall of the building also attaches three compressors. The impact is not only a lot of space but also unsightly. From there came the innovation of adopting an AC system in commercial buildings in homes, especially large and luxurious ones, by introducing multi-split ACs. As the name implies this type of AC works with one refrigerant for several indoor units. With only one outdoor unit, it looks better and shorter because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

So it is not only more practical, but the use of the indoor unit can also be mixed with cassette type air conditioners. For example, in the bedroom using split AC, in the family room using cassette models. Design can be more playable. Space for outdoor laying is increasingly limited, while we need several air conditioners for some space. The choice of most multi-split AC fitting. So it is good both aesthetically and functionally, including the small AC type apartments that are perfect.