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9 Basic Archery Techniques That Must Be Mastered By Beginners

For beginner archers, you should master the following basic techniques before going to the advanced stage. The basics are necessary especially if you want to know how to start bow hunting.

1. Standing

There are four kinds of standing attitudes in archery, namely open stand, square stand, close stand, and oblique stand. But the most widely used by beginner archers is a square stand.

The technique at the square stand is the position of the feet open shoulder width and parallel to the wall line. For those of you who are just learning basic archery techniques, you should use a square stand attitude for 1-2 years. Don’t turn to another standing attitude before really mastering this technique.

2. Installing the Arrow Tail (Nocking)

The technique of attaching an arrow tail is a key technique in the practice of archery because if a slight placement is wrong it can be fatal.

3. Lifting the Bow Arm (Extend)

The thing that must be considered in lifting the bow arm is that the archer’s arm must be relaxed, the rope drawn with three fingers, the index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

4. Drawing the bow

This technique is the movement of pulling the rope until it touches the chin, lips or nose. Then proceed with anchoring the hand pulling the rope on the chin.

5. Anchoring the Pulling Arm

Namely the movement of anchoring the archer’s hands on the chin. What needs to be considered is the place where the arm puller must be kept the same and strong under the chin.

6. Tighten

The tighten technique is the technique of holding down the archery moments after anchoring and before the arrow is released.

7. Take aim

In aiming at a target, an archer is required to focus and only look at the target, before the arrow is released from the bow.

8. Removing the Rope / Arrow

The way to remove a good arrow is to relax the archer’s fingers.

9. After Hold

It is the attitude to silence for a moment after the arrow leaves the bow. This technique aims to facilitate the control of archery movements performed.

Such is the archery technique in archery. Maybe useful.