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What is a divorce?

The definition of divorce is a divorce between married couples as a result of their failure to carry out their respective role bonds Divorce Attorney Rock Hill . In this case, divorce is seen as the end of a marriage instability where the husband and wife then live separately and are officially recognized by applicable law. Meanwhile, check out the recommended Divorce Attorney Rock Hill as well.

Divorce is the breakup of the family because one or both partners decide to leave each other so they stop doing their duties as husband and wife.


Divorce for children is a “sign of death” the integrity of the family, it seems half of the “self” child has disappeared, life will not be the same again after their parents divorced and they must receive sadness and feelings of deep loss. For example, the child must harbor a deep longing for his father/mother who suddenly doesn’t live with him anymore.

In sociology, there is an exchange theory that sees marriage as a process of exchange between rights and obligations and rewards and losses that occur between a husband and wife. It’s because marriage is an integration process of two individuals living and living together, while their socio-cultural backgrounds, desires, and needs are different, the process of exchanging in marriage must always be negotiated and agreed upon together.


The situation and conditions leading up to the divorce that began with the negotiation process between the married couple which resulted in the couple being unable to produce an agreement that could satisfy each party. They seemed to be unable to find a good solution for both of them. These feelings then lead to hostility and hatred between the two parties that make the relationship between husband and wife become increasingly distant.

This condition increasingly removes praise and appreciation given to husband and wife even though praise and appreciation is an emotional support that is very necessary for a marriage. This resulted in the relationship between husband and wife getting farther and worse.

They are increasingly difficult to talk and discuss together and negotiate all the problems that need to be resolved. Each party then feels that their partner is someone else. The result will be a divorce.