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Some Residential AC Damages That Often Occur

During the summer, hot weather in certain areas is often a complaint of most people, especially those living in urban areas. This makes Air Conditioning (AC) a device whose importance now exceeds the level of television interests. Current air conditioning is not only used in the bedroom. For the upper middle class community, air conditioning is also used in the family room and living room. The reason for using AC is of course to provide comfort in the heat of outdoor temperatures. However, these comforts can be disrupted because of problems that often appear on the AC. Then what are the common problems or damage that occur in AC? Meanwhile, call the affordable ac repair las vegas if your AC needs to be fixed.

1. AC is less cold

Already fiddling with the temperature but the AC is not cold? Problems with AC that are less cold can be caused by AC not being regularly maintained or cleaned. Other causes such as unstable voltage, AC capacity that is not in accordance with the room area, IDU fan style, and weak ODU, less freon and frequent open space when turning on the AC can also cause the AC to feel less cold.

2. Total Dead AC

Your AC home often suddenly dies? If so, it is recommended that you check the voltage of your home. The cause of the total AC shut down could be due to unstable electricity voltage which causes damage to the AC mainboard. In addition, other external factors such as damage to the socket, fuse and power cable on the AC cut off can also cause the AC to die completely.

3. Not Cold AC

Another damage to the air conditioner that most often occurs is the air conditioner is not cold. Poor AC maintenance can cause AC malfunctions that are indicated by an air conditioner that is not cold even when it is on. Air conditioners that are not cold are generally caused due to non-routine maintenance, which causes the AC compressor to be damaged, the freon is empty, the capacitor is damaged, or the electrical part is damaged so the AC is not cold.