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Want to Skipping in Your Home? Start It With This Way

Skipping is indeed one of the right workouts when you can’t go to the gym or you don’t have a lot of free time. Skipping is indeed one of the workout activities that you must try when you are busy trying to keep your health and your body. But before that, you must use the best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners to be able to do the skipping properly and with the proper technique. do not do skipping with another rope because it will endanger yourself.

There are already many people who know that skipping is indeed a workout that can provide good results. However, before skipping, you must know the right start so you can get good results.

Start jumping several times without using a rope first, with an initial jump height of approximately 2.5 cm. After that, use a rope by positioning the hand slightly above the waist and about 30 cm from the body. Use your wrist to rotate the rope and avoid swinging your arms and shoulders too much. Find the rhythm of the jump using music or humming, and land with the sole of the foot (the part between the big toe and the arch), not with the heel to benefit from your body’s natural shock absorbers.

To train coordination on the beginner jumper, you can jump while holding and swing the two ends of the rope on one side of your hand instead of jumping over the rope. Give a pause for each jump until the body gets used to the rhythm and is able to do one good jump. One of the benefits of jump rope or its benefits is that you don’t have to worry about weather conditions outside the home when you want to practice using this tool. You can do it indoors with affordable equipment prices as long as the floor surface and room size is adequate. Adequate room size for skipping is a minimum of 2 x 3 meters with a height of 25-30 cm above your height.