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Excellent tips for increasing your stamina

Without enough stamina, humans will easily feel tired in the face of the harsh daily activities. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything with that weak stamina nitric oxide . There are several ways that people can do to improve weak stamina. Some of these methods are very easy and simple to do. Let’s look at the list of several ways to increase stamina below. Meanwhile, you may consume nitric oxide supplements to gain additional boost for your stamina as well.


Of the many activities that can increase stamina, never forget a break. Without adequate rest, let alone stamina increase, our body will feel very long and not powered. Like a car engine that needs to be turned off, our bodies also need to be rested when they feel tired. Too hard for the body to work will only make the body sick. Especially if you often stay up late at night. Enough for a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep a night to get a fresher body.

Long Slow Distance Run

Long slow distance run means running at medium speed to ensure the body burns fat optimally, reduces fatigue and also reduces the risk of injury. LSD increases the performance of the heart, strengthens it so that it can pump more blood and oxygen to supply energy to the muscles. The benefits of LSD are increasing fat burning and also increasing the body’s resistance both from the hardness of physical activity and disease.


All health magazines have certainly discussed how beneficial this activity is. Only with running shoes and do it regularly, not only increases stamina, but walking can also facilitate blood circulation in the body and also reduce stress. to get more optimal results, you can just add your walking speed or you can also add mileage.


If you don’t like lifting weights, swimming can be another alternative for stamina training. Not only can you increase stamina, but swimming can also increase body flexibility, especially in the shoulders, hips and around the neck. Because water has a higher resistance than air, it can force the body to work harder. If you want more maximum results, combine swimming with the right diet, then you can reach the dream body that you want.