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Signs and Symptoms of Addicts

Know the signs and symptoms of drug dependence. Significant personality changes may indicate that the person is abusing drugs. Personality change is a common sign that appears in all types of drug dependence, including alcoholism, drug dependence prescribed by doctors and opium abuse. If you feel unsure, or need help, you can visit the addiction treatment center.

– Sign of an opium addict: needle marks may be seen on the arm of an opium addict. However, many smart addicts inject drugs into areas of the body that are not visible, such as between toes, to hide traces and evidence of intravenous drug use. People who abuse opium may also look sweaty or feel unusually thirsty, and their pupils may be as large as a point.

– Sign of an alcoholic drink addict: his mouth is alcoholic, irritable, likes to ramble, his eyes look brightly lit up abnormally or his eyes look gloomy and have difficulty in expressing thoughts and ideas logically. Alcoholic drinkers often try to hide physical evidence from their dependence, such as bottles and empty cans.

– Signs that people who abuse drugs have: A person who has a drug dependence prescribed by a doctor may look like someone who is lost in consciousness, such as looking careless, raving, and his eyes may look glum.

Keep observing whenever conflicts or other problems triggered by drugs emerge. If there are problems that occur more than a few times, you might be looking at a developing opium pattern. It is very difficult to guess whether the pattern will exacerbate the problems faced by addicts or not. You should have good preparation. Maybe he had consumed drugs too much and constantly fainted during parties. Has he ever been called to court because he drove a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages, or carried out damages driven by the influence of drugs? Has he ever been involved in a fight driven by the influence of drugs?