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Consume Some of These Nutrients To Prevent Joint Pain

Back pain is indeed a problem for many people. There are various causes of back pain that can be felt by everyone. One of them is habits and foods that do not have good nutrition. If you feel back pain, then it’s time for you to handle it with the right treatment. One of them is chiropractic. You can choose chiropractor santa monica as the right chiropractor who can handle your problem well.

However, it will be better when you can prevent the occurrence of back pain. There are several nutrients that you must fulfill in order to prevent back pain from attacking your body. Some of the nutrients in question are

– Vitamin A
As an antioxidant that helps the immune system and overcomes damage to the body, foods that contain vitamin A are useful for preventing back pain because it can help repair tissue during bone formation. Vitamin A can be found in food ingredients such as red beef, chicken liver, milk, and eggs.
Vitamin A can also be obtained from the body’s carotene beta. Beta-carotene can be found in orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots and oranges.

– Vitamin C
This vitamin is needed for the formation of collagen which is needed by the body in forming new tissue. This is very necessary to cure damage to the tendons, ligament muscles, and joints between the spine so that it can maintain the strength of the bones and tissues. You can get vitamin V content in citrus fruits, vegetables such as broccoli and spinach and potatoes.

– Vitamin K
This nutrient is needed so that the body can use calcium optimally to maintain bone health and strength. Vitamin K can be found in food sources such as animal liver, green vegetables, and dairy products.

– Iron
This ingredient is needed to maintain healthy bone cells. Iron helps cells to receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Iron also helps myoglobin production which is an important component of muscle health.